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Reasons why you should be using a Wi-Fi router!

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In today’s era, it is quite possible that you find great use of the internet, whether you are in the corporate sector, or just a student or an individual fond of social media. If you use mobile data, you might be aware of how it works. One important feature is that, you can tether your mobile data and create a portable hotspot instantly.

But, there is a good chance you must have heard that Wi-Fi routers are better to use than tethering. Ever wondered why? Let us break it down for you.

Why Wi-Fi portable routers?

However it is true that most 3G/4G phones can tether, there are some disadvantages to tethering, which include:

  • Tethering drains mobile data quickly if not managed properly.
  •  You get no security of a firewall.
  •  You need a 3G/4G connection and do not get an ether net port.
  •  On long term use, tethering can mess up your battery life.

Replacing the practice of tethering with a Wi-Fi router, like the Huawei Mobi-Fi E5330, can help you counteract these disadvantageswith the following plus points:                             Huawei Mobi-Fi E5330

1.       Lightning fast speed: Wi-Fi mobile router like Huawei Mobi-Fi E5330 let you surf the net at speeds as high as 21 mbps 3G, while being compact enough to fit in your palm.

2.       Management so easy: Huawei Mobi-Fi E5330 has the Huawei mobile Wi-Fi application, which makes it super easy to manage multiple devices on the same wireless network. With this device, you can easily remotely switch off or on your Wi-Fi, examine battery and signal strength, read messages and view connected devices, all at once!

3.       The more, the better: No matter how fast your mobile data is, you don’t get an Ethernet port while tethering it; moreover, you can connect up to ten devices with almost the same speed in each of them!

The advantages of a mobile Wi-Fi router are endless over tethering your phone, making it a great investment to make. Investing in Huawei Mobi-Fi E5330 will not only give you access to lightning fast wireless speeds but allow you to have the same on a range of device, from laptops to mobiles to tablets in one easy device!