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5 reasons why Wi-Fi modems are better than simple routers

3 min read

When you look for a device to establish a wireless network in your home or office, it becomes absolutely essential for you to decide the exact specifications you need with the wireless device. Generally the most sought after devices for establishing a wireless connection is a router. A router is a device that lets you maintain an internal network on various devices to share data; this connection is also able to share a single internet connection. However, generally service providers give little box-like modem which has to be connected to the router for sharing the internet over a decided range.

But nowadays, routers with inbuilt modems are available. This means, that you no longer need two different devices connected together, you can easily install a Wi-Fi modem to use an internet plan and as well as maintain an internal network. Here is a list of reasons why you must invest in a modem with Wi-Fi than plain old routers:

Wider range: In practice, a Wi-Fi modem provides users with a wider range of internet access than conventional Wi-Fi connections. The Wi-Fi routers are capable of transmitting signals over a shorter range, while the Wi-Fi modem can be used anywhere there is a cell phone reception.

The better safety: The major benefit of using a Wi-Fi modem is that it gives increased security over Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi connections are vulnerable to various security concerns like theft of sensitive data and personal information like credit card numbers. In this concern, modem with Wi-Fi is safer due to encryption of data from the wireless provider.

Better connectivity speeds: In the latest modem with Wi-Fi devices, like the Huawei HG532d, you can get speeds upto 300MBPS in 2T2R antenna mode.

Live parental control: Many parents worry about monitoring the sites their children visit while using the internet. Well, now we have Wi-Fi modems that can even let you monitor their surfing by blocking certain sites and forget about worrying what your kids visit.

The conventional with a Trendy twist: The good thing about using a Wi-Fi modem is that you get that Ethernet connection that you might want, but as well as make it all wireless and also allow the sharing over the same network, between various devices. All that with just one device that does it all.

Hence, if you are looking for a device to share a single ISP over a range of Wi-Fi, do the research and find a device that does most in a single investment.