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Carry Your High Speed Internet in Your Pocket With Wifi Dongles

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Starting from Bluetooth transfers, the trend of carrying out wireless operations was much into discussions. Wifi internet, first through the routers and now with a dongle, which comes in a size even smaller than a pack of cards, is a good way to remain connected, being a priority these days. Internet has become an assistant you can’t do without. Be it locating a place, finding options for the weekend or even managing your emails from office while on the go.

4 G Data Card

With a large number of users being addicted to this technology, below are a few reasons why:

Internet calling: Whatsapp and skype are two such platforms which have eased out the issue of network connectivity, enabling a user to connect with family through internet calling. It not only helps people out for a trip to a place which provides them access to internet but no network.

Need for 24x7 connectivity: Human being, a social animal is always hooked to the social media, updating about their whereabouts now and then. Every activity including travelling and watching movies are updated as a part of their social media presence, sharing their current status amongst their friends.

TV on demand concept: A leading DTH operator has launched its application and also provides a feature which enables the subscriber to watch the programs they wish to record as per their own convenience.

Dependency on applications for daily tasks: The birthday reminders save you from landing up in situations when you forget your best friend’s birthday. Also, maps guide you through ways avoiding the chances of being cheated upon or mis-guided when at an unknown place.

These wifi dongles are a choice easily opted for due to the following reasons:

It can be easily connected to your laptop or desktop offering almost 5-6 times the speed and 3-4 times the coverage when compared to a traditional wireless modem.

The factor of portability with a small size helps you carry on with your work while travelling or at a place where wired network cannot be accessed.

Easy setup and no dependency on the weather conditions make it available without any constraints.

They are available with a high speed USB 2.0 interface, compatible with all devices.