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Get The Best Smart Watch In India

3 min read

Buying a smart watch? Confused? Buying a new gadget can be a daunting experience for many, especially when it is an accessory, a wearable. How do you know which is the best wearable for you? There are options a plenty so how do you choose the right wearable for you. It's easy if you can make a list of the things you desire in your wearable.

For a gadget geek it's easy to choose. They are updated with the latest technology workings and they know exactly what makes them tick. But for a newbie, it could take a lot of research before they know what they want. To simplify things for the uninitiated who want to get a wearable for both fashion and function, we have created a simple list that would help them select a smart watch that fits the bill.
Here it is:

The fashion quotient: most smart watches available in the market today come with the “plastic” or “toy” tag. You’ll see smart watches that come in plastic straps and plastic chassises. That isn't necessarily a bad thing. But some people like their smart wearables to look like classic wearables. So you need to be able to figure out if you’re looking for a plastic chassis or in aluminium or stainless steel casings like the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear or the Huawei Watch. Apple, Samsung Gear and Huawei Watch both not only come in stainless steel casings, but they also come in aluminium or stainless steel strap variants. The Huawei Watch even comes in a leather strap variant.

The functionality quotient: this starts from the dial of the smart watch itself. If the dial isn't sized properly, it’s either to big or too small, something that may even impact the fashion quotient of the watch. For instance the 1.2 inch display of the Samsung Gear S2 is often regarded as too small by most users. The 1.65 inch display of the Apple Watch 2 is regarded a tad too large and spread out considering its rectangular size. The Huawei Watch on the other hand fits most wrists perfectly well with its round 1.4 inch sapphire crystal display. The touch is smooth on all three, it’s only the size of your fingers gliding across the screen that might or might not be a cause for concern.
All three watches have state of the art processors, but the Huawei Watch fares better with its quad core processor, the other two featuring dual core ones.

How your smart watch is powered also matters. How long will it last? The Huawei watch with its 300mAh battery lasts nearly two days of moderate use while the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear just about last a day.

The frills: this includes the accessory part of your smart watch, something that might become a necessity with time if you’re a fitness freak- yes we’re talking about fitness trackers. These trackers include heart rate monitors and footstep counters. Other smart watches may or may not offer these frills.

In our opinion, the Huawei Watch comes out as the best smart watch in India.

See what fits your bill and go get one!