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Huawei India

The all New Mediapad

2 min read

Technological advancements have registered its presence in high-end gadgets like tablets and perhaps, that is why the increase in prices. We are living in a world where tablets are hand held devices rather than something that we used to swallow. The world has changed beyond imagination.

Now, consider something from the Fareast like the Huawei Mediapad T1, which has an all-round functionality and comes at a considerably lower price.

What’s in it for me?

The MediaPad T1 is quite a reasonable buy. Its metallic body with an aircraft quality is amazing. This means that it is very light and thin which is astounding. Moreover, it is very easy to use and is extremely portable. You can easily carry it in a satchel. It can also bear the stress factor like dropping and other damageable occasions. It has a micro USB slot and Micro SD slot. A micro SIM can also be fit in easily. Initially it was available in limited numbers but now it is widely sold. It also comes with earphone free, voice calling features.

What about the display?

The MediaPad T1 comes with a 17.78 cm HD IPS screen. This is a very good display even by smart phone standards. You may think that for a tab it is too less. However, when tried it looks larger than life. The images come to life when viewed on this tab. Moreover the tab comes with several smart features where you can edit the pictures and images. The video quality is also amazing and the videos can be easily ported to another device without much effort.


Moreover, unlike any other tab you need not have an account or a cloud account to store. It’s easy to use features make it a perfect gadget to own. Unlike any other tab available in the market, the Huawei tab has become quite popular for its admirable qualities. In the end, this tab has emerged as a winner in the recent past and is very popular in the markets.

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