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Why You Need A Wi-Fi Range Extender/Booster/Repeater

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Internet connectivity doesn’t end at installing a Wi-Fi connection in your home or work space. Consider the situation where you are nearing a breakthrough idea or a quick internet browsing session is extremely important in the moment and you are defeated by poor connectivity because of a short network range or low speeds. It can be debilitating, and not to mention, frustrating. This is where getting a Wi-Fi repeater or/and extender becomes necessary. Now, what is a Wi-Fi extender and repeater and which one is the best for you?

First things first, a Wi-Fi extender, repeater or booster are the same thing. A Wi-Fi extender is a device that connects with your existing modem and augments the Wi-Fi signal by transmitting it to areas where it can’t reach due to physical obstructions like walls or simply, far off spaces in a large establishment. This pretty much means that if you live or work in an extensive space and have poor signal strength in some areas more than others, the Wi-Fi extender will amplify the range for you.

Then, simply extending the range of your Wi-Fi signal isn’t enough either, after all, what good is an extended Wi-Fi connection if it isn’t at consistent speeds? That is why a a good Wi-Fi extender will come with Wi-Fi signal repeating capabilities. A Wi-Fi repeater receives signal strength from the existing router and amplifies it in the same speed to areas of the establishment that otherwise have low speed connectivity.

Needless to say, it is imperative that you research well on the signal extending and repeating capabilities of the Wi-Fi extender of your choice and make an informed decision before the final purchase. One highly recommended option that is known to have been doing extremely well in the Indian market is the Huawei WS331C Wireless Range Extender.

The Huawei WS331C Wi-Fi Range Extender is a sleek looking device that provides consistently extended coverage for large spaces and transmits it at impressive speeds of up to 300Mbps. It also comes with a built in signal strength detector and LED indicator that prompts the best installation position making it easy and optimised for the best Wi-Fi connectivity experience. What makes the WS331C smarter is its compatibility with the Huawei RuMate phone app that allows you to manage it through your smart phone.

All of this and a host of other features make the WS331C the complete package. To learn more about the Huawei WS331C Wireless Range Extender or make a purchase,

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