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Boost Your World with Advanced Nexus 6P

2 min read

Enrich your world with the timeless style and technology of Nexus 6P. This 5.7-inch innovation from the world of Huawei comes with a high-resolution WQHD AMOLED display with amazing front-facing stereo speakers. This Android 6.0 Marshmallow Smartphone stays you updated with its automatic updates service. With this device, you will automatically get the updates as soon as they release. Let’s talk about this wonderful smartphone in detail:

Huawei Nexus 6P

Trendy & Stylish Look

When it comes to look and style, Nexus 6P Android 6 Smartphone is undoubtedly a hero. This smartphone is especially designed with aeronautic-grade anodized aluminum, with diamond chamfers around the edges and a sculpted back for a classy look.

Great Camera for Greater Shots

Equipped with the larger 1.55µm pixels camera, Nexus 6P is capable of capturing more light even in the low light conditions. Thanks to the efficient camera of this smartphone, you can now click great shots even in the dark. So now don’t let any moment go unnoticed, un-captured.

Stay Updated with Superior Marshmallow

What makes this device super unique is its Android™ 6.0 Marshmallow. Now whenever any software update releases, this gadget will automatically inform you about that.

Smart Security at your fingertip

This Android 6.0 Marshmallow Smartphone is loaded with a smart fingerprint sensor that keeps your data secure. This sensor is placed on the backside of Nexus 6P. Whenever you touch on it, your smartphone will immediately unlock the compatible apps.

Loaded with Powerful Processor & Battery

The Octa-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 810 v2.1 processor of Nexus 6P Android 6 Smartphone makes it super powerful. Even its 3450 mAh battery enables you to enjoy your favourite apps for maximum number of hours.

This Android 6.0 Marshmallow Smartphone is certainly a great option for people who love to grow and expand with the latest technology and superb features. Now when you know everything about the Nexus 6P in detail, make your mind and bring this incredible offering from Huawei into your world.

Huawei India

Reasons why you should be using a Wi-Fi router!

3 min read

In today’s era, it is quite possible that you find great use of the internet, whether you are in the corporate sector, or just a student or an individual fond of social media. If you use mobile data, you might be aware of how it works. One important feature is that, you can tether your mobile data and create a portable hotspot instantly.

But, there is a good chance you must have heard that Wi-Fi routers are better to use than tethering. Ever wondered why? Let us break it down for you.

Why Wi-Fi portable routers?

However it is true that most 3G/4G phones can tether, there are some disadvantages to tethering, which include:

  • Tethering drains mobile data quickly if not managed properly.
  •  You get no security of a firewall.
  •  You need a 3G/4G connection and do not get an ether net port.
  •  On long term use, tethering can mess up your battery life.

Replacing the practice of tethering with a Wi-Fi router, like the Huawei Mobi-Fi E5330, can help you counteract these disadvantageswith the following plus points:                             Huawei Mobi-Fi E5330

1.       Lightning fast speed: Wi-Fi mobile router like Huawei Mobi-Fi E5330 let you surf the net at speeds as high as 21 mbps 3G, while being compact enough to fit in your palm.

2.       Management so easy: Huawei Mobi-Fi E5330 has the Huawei mobile Wi-Fi application, which makes it super easy to manage multiple devices on the same wireless network. With this device, you can easily remotely switch off or on your Wi-Fi, examine battery and signal strength, read messages and view connected devices, all at once!

3.       The more, the better: No matter how fast your mobile data is, you don’t get an Ethernet port while tethering it; moreover, you can connect up to ten devices with almost the same speed in each of them!

The advantages of a mobile Wi-Fi router are endless over tethering your phone, making it a great investment to make. Investing in Huawei Mobi-Fi E5330 will not only give you access to lightning fast wireless speeds but allow you to have the same on a range of device, from laptops to mobiles to tablets in one easy device!


Huawei India

Enjoy Better Speed & Greater Connectivity with Huawei WS550 Wireless N Router

3 min read

In today’s scenario, you all need internet to stay updated and get connected with the whole world. Even in the houses, now the demand of fastest internet can’t be ignored. And for this reason, you all need the best wifi router for home so that it can offer the internet in all your rooms with no hassle.

Huawei WS550 (Up to 450 Mbps) Wireless N Router

Better Speed, Better Connectivity

Loaded with superior Dual Core 1GHz Processor and coming with up to 450 Mbps speed connectivity; Huawei WS550 is the best wifi router for home and small office. This router is capable enough to handle bandwidth among many users so that they can enjoy online music & videos, play games, watch movies and download files simultaneously without any network issues.

Manage Data with RuMate App

Through this wifi router, you can also manage your bandwidth and data supply. Just download the Huawei RuMate App on your smartphone and tab to get its benefits. With this app, you can easily manage your passwords, make guest profiles and remotely handle other functions available in this App.

Cover Extensively with WDS Wireless Bridge

With Huawei WS550 wifi router, you can easily extend and create a flawless network between two or more routers by making a grid of connectivity over a vast range of wireless coverage applications. The WDS bridge can make better connectivity that is fast and steady, and gives high-speeds over an extensive range.

Control Your Kids’ Activities with Parental Control

Huawei WS550 is not just the best wifi router for home, it is also good to track your kids’ internet activities. Through parental control, you can check usage and control browsing habits of your kids by keeping a track on their surfing. It also enables you to manage their data usage, block certain websites, make filters limiting domains based on certain categories. It helps you in giving your children a safe and secure internet with no outside and obscene influence.

Highly Secure Connection

Specifically designed with carrier-class software, this wifi router comes with world class security parameters that are safe and hack-proof. Huawei WS550 supports WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK and other encryption methods ensuring better and steady network connectivity that is protected from outside influences.

So, after reading all the features of Huawei WS550, you must be thinking to get it, as it’s undoubtedly the long range wifi router. Hence don’t think more and get this router to enjoy the highest speed with no network issues.

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Huawei India

Huawei brings the Best Options for 3G Wifi Modem with High Speed

3 min read

A router is a device that forwards data packets along networks. A router is connected to at least two networks. Routers are located at gateways, the places where two or more networks connect.

HUAWEI WS550 (450Mbps Wireless Modem Router)

If you are looking forward to buy best Wifi modem in India, WS550 is a perfect Wifi router modem enabling the increasing needs of the modern-day connected world. It provides a reliable and stable connection without any glitches. Fitted with an advanced Dual Core 1Gz Processor and up to 450 Mbps speed connectivity, it is ready to take on the utmost usage requirements. The bandwidth is managed on multiple users so multitasking is possible without any faults. It also has features like WDS Wireless Bridge to expand coverage and Parental Control.

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Huawei WS550 Up to 450 Mbps Wireless N Router

HUAWEI HG532d - ADSL2 + 300M Modem with Wifi Router

Up to 300 Mbps speed connectivity, it brings you the bullet fast way to connect internet glitch-free. Fitted with two 3dbi antennas which support 2*2 MIMO technology. It is very useful over longer distances with steady Wifi signals. It provides an ultra-fast and convenient wireless network service. This wireless modem router also allows you to connect multiple devices without any difficulty. Its configuration is easy and comes with display indicators so that a track of connection can be made.

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Huawei HG532d ADSL2 + 300M Modem with Router

HUAWEI WS319 300M Wireless Modem Router

Breaching the speed limits with ultra-fast connectivity, Wireless N Router is not only superior but also reliable. A real-time tracking is possible with the help of an App, which is supported by it. For a bettered and stable connection, look no further. It uses two 5dBi high-gain antennas which results in an improved performance, stable signal strength and range. Compatible with both older and newer standards, it provides a future-proof technology that will meet everyone’s needs in this increasing connected world. This modem with Wifi router has also got:

·         Security protection

·         Easy Configuration and Management

·         Multiple Profile Setup and Control

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Huawei WS319 300M Wireless N Router

HUAWEI WS322 Mini Cube

Huawei Wireless Modem Router and Wifi Range Extender is a part of intelligent solutions providing utmost connectivity, up to 300 Mbps speed. If connected with an existing modem, a Wifi hub can be established for the connection of multiple devices. It has three working modes in one: Wireless Router, Wireless Range Extender and Wireless Client. Mini Cube is also supported with Huawei RuMate App which allows you to have a complete control using your smartphone or tablet wherever you go.

Huawei WS322 Mini Cube

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